Thursday, November 16, 2006

Time Brings Change

I have been reading a book by TD Jakes... "Daddy loves His Girls"
After many days being shrouded in depression The Holy Spirit prompted me to look for this book and read it.
Something I read this morning stood out for me to share.
"....realize that time brings change. Change is not an enemy. It can be God's way of saying enough is enough....
...for the many changes you will face on all levels of life, I recommend Jesus. He does not change. He is an unchanging God in a rapidly changing worls. If you are going to survive you must learn how to accept change....

(this is my favorite part!)
Even in the cold crispness of winter there will be sunny days. Early in the morning when icicles hang from eaves there are still the glowing, glistening rays of morning sun. Though the wind has howled all night, and the gusts beat vehemently against the house, there will be a morning. Expect it in every season of life. Get up every morning and throw aside the curtain of doubt. Brush past the foggy films that would cloud your eyes from seeing what is right in front of you and embrace expectancy. It is the breaking of a new day. It is establishing fresh options. The birds wake up singing in the morning.

Now I know no two days will be the same. they were not designed to be duplicated. Each one is a new expression of a multifaceted God whose being could not be defined in one circumstance. Every day we will behold a new wonder of His glory. A slendor, a splice, a sliver of His radiance will dispel the fear of the future. Now, stop crying and fretting over this and that. You will creat your own rain.
Get up rejoicing in a day that someone missed. While you slept someone gasped a final sigh and slipped from time into eternity without seeing this day. But you are still here. This is God's gift to you. from the god who cares enough to give the very best, He gave you today. Enjoy it. It is yours. There will never be another moment like this one."