Friday, July 20, 2007

Livingroom Camping

just wanted to show you what my living room looked like last night and this morning. :)
Cassie wanted to sleep in her tent... It has been cold and raining out... this was the next best thing.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

just a pic

Just wanted to show you all the people... If you click the pic you will get a large pic and you can see all the people esp on the bridge itself.

Here is the color guard from the naval hospital at Bremerton. They came up behind us when we were crossing over from Gig Harbor.

Just an apology and an update

Before I say anything else I must ask a favor from you... If you believe in the power of prayer please pray for little miss Cassie... it has been almost 2 years (august 21) since her "Daddy" went to be with Jesus and she is REALLY struggling with missing him...The closer it gets the worse her grief is... now she can't even be at her sister's house with out crying for me.... I wish I could type here what she said to me the other day but I can't... lets just say it was a REAL eye opener for me. I need to find a grief counselor for her fast.

Sorry I have been away too long... and sorry to my list for not sending for a few days... thought I would get some rest BUT... spent the last 4 days driving through horrible bridge traffic. IF any of you live near the pudget sound... Tacoma really... you know exactly what I mean... they have been building a new bridge and traffic is horrible!!!
Anyway... Thursday i had to drive to aburn to babysit while my daughter went to an important appt. Left Cassie there to help her, was supposed to be until saturday but she was missing Mom so I had to go pick her up Friday afternoon instead... traffic is beyond horrible on Friday afternoons and evenings.
Saturday I had to drive back to aburn for a birthday party... sorry I can't show the birthday girl but she is one of Brandi's Foster children and it wouldn't be a good idea.

Then this morning we woke up early again and went and "walked" the new bridge. We started out on the Gig Harbor side and it wasn't very crowded.... everyone and their brother started out on the Tacoma side and soon there were tens of thousands of people!
We sure had a lot of fun!
We were just starting out on the Gig Harbor side... not many people.
Here cassie is "cutting the ribbon" Still not many people...
Still heading to the Tacoma side...Now we are on the Tacoma side... you can't tell here but there were thousands of people around us. I took more pics and will post more with the people later.
We FINALLY made it back to the Gig Harbor side and i had to take a few more pics on the bridge....
We watched history being made today and it will be something cassie will remember for the rest of her life.