Thursday, September 04, 2008

And the winner is....

Thank you everyone for entering the draw... I will be having another one soon so keep your eye out for it! I wish I could sent all of you something!

There were 2 winners... I haven't finished the things for the second winner yet but will get em sent out as soon as I do!

Winner #1 is MAE

Winner #2 is KRISTEN

Ladies... Please send me your deets!!!! Hilmarose At AOL dot com

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Word Verification...

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I HATE it!!!!! So many times I want to leave comments but when I click and see the verification letters I just close it out!!!! I have a few hundred blogs in my reader and and if a lot post each day that is way too many to do verification. The blog owners are the ones missing out on my comments, as well as many others!
ETA: I am soooooo very sorry to my readers!!!! I thought I had turned OFF the verification but after reading someone's post about the owner not seeing it unless they go in settings I went and it was ON!!!! I know I turned it off in the old blogger but when we switched to the new one it must have been automatically set! AGAIN... I AM SOOOOOOO SORRY!!!

Thanks Julie for the button!!! Go read her post about it too!

Chris has been campaigning and here is what she has to say:


Everyone will have their own view, but in my case, I regard the removal of word verification as a basic courtesy to my visitors who are kind enough to take the time to leave comments. Being aware of their comments through comment moderation, but not hindering them with word verification is the very least I can do to reciprocate their courtesy to me.

The problem with word verification is that it takes too long. The characters are very often hard to decipher, and it’s frustrating when you get them wrong and have to re-enter the little suckers!

So this campaign is on behalf of busy bloggers. Please spare a thought for the poor bloggers who work so hard at getting round as many blogs as possible to leave sprinkles of blessing and good vibes wherever they go. The terrible proliferation of this awful plague of word verification is a blight on their efforts to make the Land of Blog a cheerier place.

I think most people don't realise that they have word verification on their blogs by default, or how easy it is to switch it off, and perhaps not realising how annoying it is for other bloggers. Either that, or they’re under the misapprehension that they will be bombarded with spam messages. This is not the case. I’ve had mine switched off now for three of the four months that I’ve been blogging, and have had two spam comments. The responses I’ve had from other bloggers to my earlier posts on this topic back this up. (You can see the comments in response to my previous post on this subject, HERE.)

For safety’s sake, have comment moderation on for sure, but please consider canceling word verification on your blog. Maybe for a trial period, and see how you get on.

Unless there are thousands of comments being left, comment moderation shouldn’t be too much of an issue for the blog owner, and other bloggers will also be more inclined to leave comments if they can see that you don’t use word verification.

However, each to their own, and if you disagree with me, that’s cool. We can agree to differ and not visit each other’s blogs! lol ;o)
OK.. rant over. If you have read all the way to the end, thank you for putting up with it, and ~ obviously ~ do what you wish on your blogs, but I had to say something. I love to get around and leave comments, but word verification spoils the experience.
Of course, when I get my new job, all this will be academic to me, as I will then have a life, and I won't have time for much blog-hopping!! Not that blog-hoppers need to get a life.. Errr... think I'll stop digging now, before I get into REAL trouble!! lol ;o)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sharing a wonderful post

This is a blog I visit regularly... I started because of her recipes but go back now for her posts... everything including the recipes. Tonight I ran across this post ... it was very thought provoking about photographs and memories.... here is a small excerpt:

"One day that will be all that's left of me . . . just a few pictures in a box. Will someone wonder about who I was, and what I stood for, or will I have left a legacy that speaks for itself?? Will they look into my eyes and see the joy there . . . and the pain . . . and the hope?? Will they see all my yesterdays linked to their tomorrows . . . will the essence of my being be able to reach down through the passage of time and speak to their hearts??"

Please go read the post for your self and see if it doesn't touch you at your very core.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sometimes I just need a reminder...

I found this on Beestamper's blog... she found it on another blog.
Just about made me want to cry... after just passing the 3rd anniversary of the death of someone very close to me.
To listen scroll down and mute my song video

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Chrissy's Blog candy

Here is yet more blog Candy!!! She is offing it for a number of reasons... to me the greatest being to celebrate her NEW career as a Stamp Designer! PLEASE GO SUPPORT HER!!!!

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There is so much candy out there!!! Here is Sally's!

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want to win over $200 in free stamps?

Want to win over $200 of free stamps?
Check out here how you can... and it is a very worthy cause!!!! I know alot of people are struggling and here is away we can help!!!

Kristen's blog candy!

Kristin has some wonderful blog candy up for grabs!!! Magnolia stamps to top it off!!!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Three years ago today

Three years ago today I lost one of my best friends... My Daughter's Daddy.
I miss you soooo very much... I would give anything just to talk to you one more time, to see your smirky smile, to hear your smart alec comments, to feel your hug... But most importantly I would give even my life if Cassie could just spend one more hour with you.
I love you and miss you so very much my friend. Life has not been and will never be the same without you in it. I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( I should have taken the picture AFTER I cleaned of his head stone)


I said I was going to do blog candy at 50,000 hits... well, I passed it without realizing it!!! from my stats counter I am at 50,521.
I know MOST of my hits were from when I gave out digi templets for scrapbooking but have no idea how many since I started doing what I am doing now... So here are the rules: Just post my candy on your blog, and post a comment on this post.
School starts here on Sept 3rd... so after school I will have my daughter pick a winner. PLEASE check back to see if you have won!
This is what I have so far (I plan on adding stuff that I have made and a few supply things): File folder box, box and six 3x3 cards and a little note book.
I may even make a different set of things for a second winner.
Thank you for visiting my blog :)

COMMENTS are now CLOSED... I will pick a winner by the morning... life is crazier here than I thought being the first day of school and after school activities!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blog Candy Alert

Debbie has some wonderful... wintery blog candy up for grabs!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Be Still and Know

This came in my in-box... wanted to share:

MountainWings A MountainWings Moment
#8228 Wings Over The Mountains of Life

Be Still and Know

In my life I have faced many struggles.

I am human and by nature I have grown sin weary and overburdened.

My hands have worked alone, in vain to build masterpieces
that always fall short of perfection.

In the midst of despair, I place my discouraged heart
in the hands of the one who softly whispers,
“Be still and know that I am God.”

I place my confidence in the one who faithfully works
to do what is positively right for me.

I rely on the perfect knowledge that keeps Him from doing
anything in my life that is not exactly what I need.

He is the Lord of creation, and yet He is committed to gently
knocking at the door of my heart.

I adore the God whose love is so pure that He sent His son to
live a perfect life for me. His love is so holy that He sent
His son to shed His blood on the cross for me.

I treasure the God who will never stop forgiving me.

My hope is in the one who knows the depths of my heart and still
loves me so passionately and watchfully.

The one who softly whispers,

“Be still and know that I am God.”

~A MountainWings Original poem by Billi Jo Bentley, Albany, OH~
Based on Psalms 151

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