Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Livingroom, almost done

I was finally able to get blogger to upload my pics.
Someone asked for pics of what I had done.... wish I could say I was completely done but I have a few more little things to do.
On the wall facing I need to "shabby" some of the dark frames, and I need to paint the curtain rod above the big window. and then I will add vines to the window dressing and a few other areas.
I need to "shabby" the dark frame and arrange it a little different... I also need to replace the vines I had hanging aroun dthe pics before I moved them. I strted painting the dresser in the corner and I just need to finish it when I "get in the mood".
The rug was one of my "freecycle" blessings. My friend gave me the 2 green chairs... I am gonna recover them to match my Sage or olive green.

I painted the plant stand white and added my "shabby" touches to it. but I decided I wanted to put something other than a plant on it.
That is all the pics I am going to post for now... I find it hard to be on the PC very much these days.
I hope you enjoy the pics Debra :-)