Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Storm Damage

There is soooo much storm damage around here... you can't help seeing it on the news... but I wanted to share some pics of my ex-in-laws basement (we may be ex but we still love each other as if we weren't!)... there is a creek that runs alone and thru their property... it was too full for the culvert so it made a new path thru their yard... right down the little hill that leads to their basement, shattering one of the glass panes of the sliding glass door and cracking the other... BUT... They still HAVE their HOME... many around here lost everything they had...
The water presser was so great it toppled shelves that had crates of books and other things on them... carring some all the way outside.
we were able to save the Christmas decorations that were given to her by her mom before she passed away... some of them hand painted.... for that we are also VERY thankful!!!! Tomorrow the clean up begins in earnest!