Tuesday, June 26, 2007

just Sharing some pics

Just wanted to share some pics.... you can see how downright disgusting the floor in that room was once the carpet was removed.... that is what took me so long to scrub :)
I used to always wonder why it was sooooo cold in the back bedroom during the winter....no matter how high we had the heat in there.... I found out.I put a good sized screwdriver straight back into that "crack" ... it went up to past the handle!
The white dripping down is the primer I used last time I painted the room.... I miss that green but it was time for a change.... and Cassie wanted pink. :)

After I removed the 2 sets of carpet tack strips.

The "crack" is now filled with the expandable foam stuff... hopefully it will be warmer in there IF I am still here next winter... or for who ever moves into here after I am gone.