Sunday, June 24, 2007

Update on Cassie

Some left comments and some sent emails wondering about Cassie and how I am doing.... so I decided I needed to give you one!

Cassie is doing wonderful! Just like it never happened! I know she remembers the pain but now all the pain is behind her... oh once in awhile she complains about a little pain by one of her 3 incision sites but for the most part she is pain free.
The top pic was taken the day after she came home... she was working on one of her artsy things she got while she was in the hospital.
The second pic was taken the other day... she wanted to help me prime the walls in her bedroom... so I let her.
Her room is pretty much done... just got to prime and paint the trim and base boards... but I will get to that someday.... she has most of her stuff moved back in and I will try to get before and after pics up soon... it was A LOT of work!!!! And I am burnt out on it... that is why the trim and base boards are waiting!

well.... lets see.... what else....
I have been very busy with things.
As I just said...I have just about got the back bedroom fixed so Cassie can move back into it... actually she pretty much has... I don't remember if I told you but when we had that big storm in December a branch went through the roof... the water destroyed the ceiling, the carpet and a bed that was in there... well, I have been waiting for 6 months now for the landlords to fix the room... the carpet got torn out so there is only a wood floor in there... and it is NOT in good shape at all... They decided they were not going to replace the carpet, so i had to tear out the carpet tack strips and remove many staples from the floor itself.... the floor was VERY dirty and grimmy and just plain yucky!!!! I spent 5 hours the other day scrubbing and scraping the gunk off the floor... so now when you walk in there the floor feels clean and smooth instead of yuck! It still isn't pretty but it is clean. We now have 2 big rugs in there.
Before I worked on the floor I primed and painted the walls and the window frames. So I really have been doing things but not really getting a whole lot of what I really want to be doing done. I worked going though and sorting stuff last night in the "storage" room upstairs... I REALLY want to have a yard sale and get rid of stuff that I no longer want or need so that WHEN God releases me from this house I will be ready... it is sooooo time for me to get out of here.... they don't do a whole lot even after I tell them... besides the back bedroom being messed up, I have a leak in my bedroom ceiling, my living room ceiling and one in my kitchen above the side window... they know about all of them but haven't done a thing to fix them! I guess since they don't gush water... except the kitchen one ( I have to put bath towels down when it rains)... they assume I am just fine and happy to live this way. The one in the bedroom ruined a couple pictures I had hanging on my wall and is now spreading further into the room.
So all I can say is for me it is time... but I don't know where I am supposed to move to (you know where it would be if it were my choice, burlington or Mt. Vernon) nor do I have the finances to move... that is one reason I want to have the yard sale... to help with that.
It is funny... in the last few weeks my blazer window broke so I can't roll it up or down, my microwave went out, my lawn mower broke, my dryer has broke and now the blazer's has problems with the steering wheel/ignition.... BUT for now I am doing OK I think... Oh I have my moments especially when I have to do something that a husband normally does... some things that a very hard for me to physically do... but I think I am OK.
Now that I have written you a book and probably put you to sleep I need to get off the pc and get some more stuff done.
So... there is the update... probably more than you all wanted to know!
Hugs to you all!!!!