Monday, September 17, 2007

Our fun week-end!

I kept Cassie out of school today... so she had a 3 1/2 day weekend as I took her out early Friday so we could go to our friends and celebrate the Jewish new year with them... the first one we ever observed... and it was a BLAST!!! But today we did something fun too!!!! After we took my 2nd oldest to her Doctor's appt ( she is pregnant and due in March) we spent the day at the fair together... Shana, Hayley (my SGD), Cassie and I... We had soooo much fun but was pooped by the time we left (at about 9pm)... these are only a few of the pics I took.

I just LOVED the look here!!!!

and here!!!

I can barely tell this is Cassie... LOL... but she wore her flip flops...
notice the bare feet! No, She didn't lose em... I was holding them for her.

The 2nd to last ride of the night. I was tired and cold and didn't take any pics of the actual last ride they took together.Now it is back to the grind... school for her... lol.