Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ask and you shall receive

After my post yesterday I thought I needed to add an update.
I spent a long time shoveling, shoveling, and shoveling. Taking a few breaks cuz my heart was pounding so hard....
at one point I was complaining to the Lord about people not keeping their word...and the fact that I felt I was the one paying the price for my landlord's dispute with the company that dug the darn hole in the first place....
I just asked Him to send someone to help me....
I went in to take a break and after a bit I heard my neighbor's truck pull up... he said I have to go do this and that "but when I get back I will bring my yard tractor up here and finish filling in the hole." I just about jumped up and down with joy!
So... even though I was so tired from trying to fill it in... it was such a nice day and I knew it is supposed to rain most of the week... I grabbed my lawn mower and started mowing the lawn... I did not get it finished but there is sure less to do now.

My whole point is this.... even when man is unfaithful to their word... The Father is faithful... not only to His word but to His Children! He didn't have to send someone to help me... my attitude was such (IT REALLY STANK) that I didn't think He would even if I asked Him... BUT HE DID!

The next sunbreak I will finish mowing.... and TRY not to complain about how big my yard is!