Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Birds wake up singing in the morning

I had to re- read part of a past post I made.... do you ever have one of those days when nothing seems to be going as you have planned? My life seems filled with those days.... I need to repost this as there is someone else needing it right now too.

"Even in the cold crispness of winter there will be sunny days. Early in the morning when icicles hang from eaves there are still the glowing, glistening rays of morning sun. Though the wind has howled all night, and the gusts beat vehemently against the house, there will be a morning. Expect it in every season of life. Get up every morning and throw aside the curtain of doubt. Brush past the foggy films that would cloud your eyes from seeing what is right in front of you and embrace expectancy. It is the breaking of a new day. It is establishing fresh options. The birds wake up singing in the morning."

From T.D. Jakes: "Daddy Loves His Girls".

May we all realize that He truely does! and that His plans, His thoughts and His ways are so much higher than ours... He knows what is BEST for us .... we need to TRUST in HIS plan for our lives.