Monday, May 28, 2007

Every Day is a Precious Gift

After our recent experiences with Cassie I saw this word art by Lindsay Jane... I knew I had to do a Layout with a pic of Cassie after she came home from the hospital.... Every day is truely a precious gift!
Just yesterday, a 17 yr old girl died about a block away from my home... and one of my friends lost his cousin in a head on collision... you just never know how fast someone can be gone from you...
I am soooo blessed that Cassie made it through her ordeal, that her heart is still beating and there is breath in her body... Though today she is back to being a kid... back to being a 10 yr old going on 20... I need to remind myself but for the GRACE of GOD she would not be here... For IT WAS INDEED The FATHER who saved her life....

Here she is playing with her Brother in law Tom and her nieces yesterday at her sister's baby shower.
Word Art by Lindsay Jane
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