Wednesday, May 16, 2007

just a short note

I got an email and I wanted to share part of it....

"I get very sad when I see on 4shared hundreds of downloads and only a couple people say thanks. It really isn't hard and like you said you can do it while waiting.
Anyway, THANKS for all you do, there really are people out here who are grateful for designers like you who share their talents with people like us!!!!!"

and another one:

"I try to leave comments when I download freebies. I'm not really sure how the blogger name thing works since I have a google account and not a blog. I am pretty sure I've left you a comment on 4-shared under the name @#%$&. I think your 4X6 templates are awesome! I can understand your frustration at people not leaving thanks for what you give. I know I am going to make extra effort to thank every single scrapper that shares with others. Thanks for sharing your talent and also for being bold enough to stand up to rudeness. "

I am posting these because I have only gotten two RUDE comments... probably from the same person.... who didn't even use their real names. AND Their opinions about HOW I share my freebies or why I share them doesn't matter.
Does EVERYONE who downloads leave a comment now? NO... but that wasn't the WHOLE point... but as another blogger wrote me in an email... maybe the person being so rude was feeling a little guilty? Maybe.... I just don't care anymore.

THANKS EVERYONE FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!... As someone else put it to me...

"...don't let them silly people in your garden...they will grow like weeds honey...your to beautiful...for that...I got a few dandelions in my garden too..smiles....that is part of their game plan...I am sure..upsetting people....."

That is sure something to think about!
HUGS everyone!!! Have a WONDERFUL EVENING/Day (which ever it is)!!!!