Friday, May 11, 2007

Need Email addys

I have started a yahoo group.... If you would like to join PLEASE send me an email to the addy below. it will be faster that way, I won't have to go searching for email addys. If you have psoted comments on my blog or 4shared please, in the email, type the name you have left those comments under... THANKS.

do not just leave a comment here... I need to email addy to send the invites.
or you can go to the home page and request to join... which may take longer because I am approving everyone who requests to join.

If you just leave a comment on the post about the yahoo group and don't have a blog I won't be able to send an invite to the group.... please send me an email at the addy below... THANKS

I need your email addresses...
Please email me at

Designsbyhilmarose @ (without spaces)