Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I finally got one of the chairs done... life happens and changes our plans sometimes but thank God that He is TOTALLY in control of the life... and that no matter what is happening He is our peace and our hope if we let Him be.
My 39 year old cousin decided that he was going to go ocean fishing on his rare day off from working 2 jobs... while on the boat out in the ocean he collapsed, suffering from a massive stroke.
The coast gaurd boat going out to get him broke down but the civilian boat go him to shore... the ambulance took him to the local hospital but were unable to care for him so he was life flighted to our major medical center in Seattle, where he has been since sunday evening... considering what has happened he is doing well mentally... talking, tho slurred, laughing and joking around.
I am TOTALLY at peace that no matter what happens during his recoverery, or how long it takes that the Lord is in control and He knows what He is doing.
Thank you Lord that you are our Peace.