Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Tables

I have such a HARD time uploading pics with blogger!
If you want to see my living room redo please look at my previous post.
But THIS is where it all started... inspired by The Holy Spirit throught Debra's posting (see link in last post)
The top pic is one of my tables before the redoing.
Cassie had to help me and that "still, small voice" told me to let her.... we were making a memory! and THAT is what counts!!! Life is too short not to!
I did the antiquing of the tables... the "cracking"
And the After pic:
I forgot to take a REAL before pic so here is the top of the 2nd table before painting.

Again... Cassie helping with another table
The "after" of this table... before the whole living room redo

and the 3rd Table
and after: without the lampshade: