Monday, August 21, 2006

A Moment of Sadness

It has been a year today since Jose' went to be with Jesus... there is a sadness in my heart... not for him, I know where he is... but for me, for Cassie, and for those of us who love him. He had a great impact on my life... one that I will never forget... He showed me what a real Daddy was... He was a Daddy by choice, but he was Cassie's REAL Daddy and no one can ever take his place in her heart... or in mine... no one.
Jose' I love you and I miss you. I will see you again someday, and I will once again hear your voice and see your smile, see that smirk and once again give you one of those hugs that meant so much to both of us. You are in my heart and there you will always be.
I will never regret any price I paid to fight for you and Cassie... I will never regret letting you be her daddy, You were the Daddy she needed and God gave you to each other... She needed you as you needed her... somehow I knew that... that is why I fought so hard. I will NEVER regret... how can I? My regret is that you didn't have more time together.
I love you Jose'... I wish I would have told you that the night you slipped away from us... "I love you... you were a wonderful Daddy... " not saying that is my other regret.