Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My WingBack Chairs

YIPPEEEE !!! I got my Wing Back treasures!!!! I LOVE them... and I love the colors, I will still have to change them because they are the colors I used to have... not the ones I have now... but they are still WONDERFUL!!!! Thank you Lord and Thank you Holly! The footstool is a little worn but only the fabric. I need to "Re-do" them, as Cassie puts it, and re-arrange the living room again cuz I want them in here where I can be reminded in a physical way that the Lord listens to even unspoken prayers! I have always tried NOT to ask for anything physical unless it was a NEED because I didn't want to be asking "amiss", but this shows me... along with my other little treasures... that it is OK to ask... IF He wants to bless me with it then He will.. IF He wants to bless someone else with it then that is ok with me too... There are enough blessings to go around with tons left over! He DELIGHTS in giving us the Kingdom!