Monday, August 21, 2006

A Moment of Joy

I haven't seen my Aunt and uncle for so long I can't remember when it was. They were always my favorite ... My fondest memory as a little girl was my Uncle holding me down giving me wisker burn on my belly... I didn't understand until I saw them yesterday that the reason I remembered that with such fondness was because I wished my parents were like my Aunt and Uncle... I wished my Daddy would have played with me like my Uncle did. Don't get me wrong... I love my Dad to this day but we didn't do those kind of things in my home... we didn't have those joy filled, fun moments... not that I can remember anyway.
Cassie had never met my Aunt and Uncle... my other girls wouldn't remember them either because they were so small the last time they seen them... I took Cassie to the hospital with me yesterday so she could meet them... I kept telling her she would really like them but she was concerned... shy... but it didn't take long for my Uncle to wear away all of that and really get to her... and get the joy to come out... they had a blast... And seeing my Uncle holding Cassie down giving her whisker burn brought back so much for me.... a moment of joy from my childhood... and a moment of joy for my daughter... I know you will probley never read this but Aunt Ethel and Uncle Robert... I love you more than you will ever know...
those moments are now new memories, new blessings that came for a very "bad" thing.... If Darrel hadn't have had his stroke then Cassie wouldn't have met them because it will probley be forever before we get to their part of the country...
Darrel is doing wonderful considering he had a massive stroke and I still have that deep peace that I had the first night... He will come through this... no matter what he has to go through he WILL come through this better... stronger. I KNOW that God is in control!
indeed all things work together for good... we don't have to look far for the blessings in the midst of the storm if our eyes are open.