Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Living Room Redo

I have been TRYING and TRYING to make this post but blogger is being a bugger

I haven't posted for awhile... not been in the scrappin or bloggin mood but thought I would post some pics of my living room. I have changed it alot since my Grandma went to be with Jesus. We are coming up on the one year anniversary of Jose going to be with the Lord and it has been hard on Cassie... and in turn on me.
anyway here are some pics of my re-do of the living room.... duh me forgot to take a bunch of before pics but there is one with my book cases and entertainment center (Which I gave away)... after I redid my tables... I took the pic for my table to begin with. Notice the curtains too, I had huntergreen . and no rugs as I gave mine to Brandi and Shana.

now for the redo.... Cassie says I have a bad case of the dreaded "Redos". The "new" entertainment Center was brown walmart put it together yourself I got from my neighbor... I painted part of it and then added contact paper to the rest.Before:


And now for the finshed, well almost, Living room

I now have rugs again.... Purple to match my lampshades... I have beads to put on the bottom of the lamp shades... just haven't done it yet. Those are bed sheets (ones I still had in the package for a long time, but just the right color) on the sliding glass door.

Thanks for looking!