Monday, August 28, 2006

Savor This Moment

I haven't blogged for awhile... I haven't felt much like it... not been in a good place mentally and I didn't want everyone knowing it... tho those who know and "love" me will love me anyway.
Still not in a good place but I know that somehow The Lord will bring me out to the other side.

I picked up this book today that I haven't picked up in forever... "Savor This Moment, Embracing the goodness in everyday life" By Karla Dornacher
I opened the book and it opened to "Savor This Moment of Love" below is what it says... I needed this today and I know my Father had me open it:

"Of all the treasures a moment has to offer,
love is the greatest and most priceless jewel of all.
It may sparkel for an instant
in a random act of kindness by a total stranger,
or it may shine for a lifetime
in the golden setting of an intimate relationship.
But above all, it is the most precious gift you can ever receive,
and the most valuable one you can give away.
Unfortuately, our perception of love can so easily become distorted
by rejection, abuse, insensitivity, or unrealistic expectaions.
Somewhere along the way, you may come to believe that love
must be earned rather than simply received.
You may even have days when you feel you're not worth loving.

Take heart! I have good news!Unlike man's love,
God's loveis unconditional, He says you're worth it.
You cannot earn or deserve His love~
You can only open your heart and let it in!
The saying is true:
There is a God shaped hole in your heart that only He can fill.
So let Him fill it...
Every moment of everyday!
Savor His love and then give it away!
And when someone offers the gift to you,
reach out and embrace it with all your heart!"